Monday, 24 February 2014

Slave to the rhythm

Rhythm is both a song's manacle. And its demonic charge.


My copy of Troy Stetina's Metal Rhythm Guitar Volume 1 arrived today - looking forward to working through that over the next few weeks to get my basic chops down.

Also intriguing news (via the excellent Guitar Noize) that Music Man amps may be revived - maybe a Joe Strummer signature model would be good?

What else... not a lot. I'm on the road for the next couple of days, so will probably take my netbook with me to get some stuff done on the train, if I can.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Saturday night

No, not a Whigfield revival, but the weekend is here and that can only mean one thing...

Well, a few things, actually.

So, it looks like the desktop (currently on Kubuntu 12.04LTS) will be moved up to Kubuntu 14.04 when it comes out - in an ideal world I think I'd like to leave Ubuntu derivatives altogether, so if I can get Din Is Noise to compile and work under openSUSE then I'll go to that instead.

The Netbook is a slightly thornier problem, as Ubuntu (especially with LXDE) runs really nicely, so I think I'll stick with an Ubuntu derivative there - I've never got on with KDE's Netbook interface for some reason, so will probably look at Lubuntu - although if I can get another nice Debian derivative then maybe I'll go with that, but after the PCBSD/FreeBSD migrations I really, really can't be bothered with months of testing again.

I'm rambling, aren't I?

Had a bit of a sesh with a couple of guitars this morning, which was really cool - nothing spectacular, just some scales and chords and stuff, and some CAGED moves.

I'm sure there's more to add, like my dismal cosmology studies, fishing and hunting for a radio control car/buggy (!), but I'm running out of steam now, and would much rather just aimlessly surf teh interwebs for a while.

See you later!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Practice make permanent, and community

Been breaking out the old Troy Stetina stuff again, and man, is it boring - but the key is cutting down to little chunks.

So, three minutes of 1-2-3-4, then a bit of blues scale/pentatonic wailing, then back to picking, then some more wailing, and then after a couple more rounds of that quarter of an hour has passed and your technique has just been embedded that little bit better.

Quick addendum to the Google+ stuff, which is that I've dropped out of a few communities, particularly the Ubuntu, Xubuntu and Lubuntu ones, as I'm mainly a PCBSD, FreeBSD, OpenSUSE and Kubuntu man now.

I will switch my netbook to Kubuntu at the weekend, swiftly followed by the 17" Acer laptop, both of which are currently on stock Ubuntu.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Weekend wonderland

My, what a weekend it has been!

Nothing much doing on Valentine's day - well, apart from the normal day at work and a really nice sirloin steak for tea.

Saturday - the usual sort of Saturday, except for a brief excursion for a couple of pints of Stella Artois at my local - very welcome! - and then out for a curry for tea at a place with S-L-O-W service which really, really lets down the food. Review to be posted in due course!

Sunday, out up to the shops as my wife's Samsung decided it didn't want to work any more, and she needed a cheap PAYG mobile while trying to get it fixed. £12.99 later, including £10 of call credit, she has a working phone with her own SIM in it.

Of course, she hadn't saved her contacts to either the SIM or Google, but had stored them on the phone because she hadn't used that option... but enough on that subject!

Then out for Sunday dinner - pretty good, and a pint with it, too, and then back home for some guitar practice and now this evening getting some Troy Stetina learning materials onto this laptop (the OpenSUSE one... again).

Work tomorrow - groan!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Sore hands

Ouch. I have a large patch of skin missing on the palm of my right hand where I've been wielding a screwdriver again.

Finished off the chest of drawers these evening, adding on the bracing to the bottom of the drawers.

Need to try and squeeze some guitar playing in somehow, if I can.

Other than that, a quick bit of writing this (OpenSUSE again), and a new to-do list, submitting some programme outlines for TV (anyone interested?) and there we go...

More in due course.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Some assembly required

Now, if it had been Z80, or even 6502 assembly [language] then that would have been OK with me, but it was actually a piece of IKEA furniture.

It was out for a shuffle around the store on opening at 10 this morning, followed by a few minutes struggling to fit the flat-pack into the boot of the car, then back for a 3 hour stint assembling the 6-drawer chest of drawers.

As it happens it wasn't that bad, although as always the screws and fastenings supplied were so soft that any attempt to use a ratchet or electric screwdriver - and yes, I know you only use them for unscrewing, but they are handy to get things started - stripped the heads, so I ended up with no skin in the palm of my right hand.

I wonder if there could be a design for a more ergonomic screwdriver?

And there it stood in all its glory. Now it just needs the stuff transferring from the bottom of the wardrobes into it, which will happen this coming week.

This outbreak of sudden domestic capability was followed by some highly enjoyable Ibanez action, just running through some exercises and scales, and then onto the OpenSUSE machine to write this.

Oh, and another night with nothing on telly, so I'll watch Episode 2 of "Star Trek Continues" and the Linux Action Show!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Big data

Well, it seems like a lot of data to me.

I've downloaded a load of information on prescriptions and stuff, and started looking through it tonight. I think there is stuff in there I can use, but I am really going to have to approach it more methodically than I have to now.

Still, it's a start.

What else?

Well, the usual guitar and magic stuff, and coveting a Line6 combo, as they are on offer at the moment, although I really can't justify it. Can I?!

Switched to pkgng on this FreeBSD Thinkpad (what I am typing this on), got some LibreOffice templates and, er, just general stuff.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Today I have mostly been playing

My rather marvellous Ibanez Prestige RG, which never ceases to amaze me with its rock solidity.

Other than that, a typical Sunday, with a bit of this blogging stuff, a bit of magic practice, general pottering about and... not much else.