Saturday, 26 April 2014

Films and TV

A quiet evening watching some streaming content.

"Mysteries from Beyond the Earth" - Von Daniken style nonsense.

"Zontar" - awful.

"Incense for the Damned" - seen it before. Passable.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Car trouble

Not gone as I'd hoped today looking for a new car.

Ah well, just have to keep looking.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Another day, another USB stick

So... current plan is to wipe the PCBSD install off the 40GB drive in the 17" Acer and go with NetBSD instead.

Found that I already had a PCBSD install stick, so have wiped the TDK one and stuck NetBSD on it instead, ready for an assault on installation over the next couple of days once I've decided on a desktop (maybe FVWM for a change?).

Other than that, got a nice quick card trick down and not picked up a guitar for a while - I need to get back onto that!

Monday, 21 April 2014


So, this Easter weekend I have:

Cleared a garage of junk, loaded a load of recyclables into the car, looked at a couple of new cars, switched hard drives in the 17" Acer, installed PCBSD, tried GhostBSD, tried out Chakra Linux (which failed to work for me AGAIN), sorted a 3rd birthday party and, er, walked the dog, fixed a toy kitchen, removed a car roof box, shifted some furniture...

Of course my wife should take credit for this, too.

But I am going to claim it :-D.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Hard drives and podcasts

Ordered a new (to me) 40GB HDD off eBay on Saturday, with the aim of putting it in the Acer machine (nice 64 bit laptop) I'm typing this one, probably to run either GhostBSD, which I'm trying out in a VM, or OpenBSD (which I'm also trying out in a VM...)

No firm decision yet, although the initial failure of the GhostBSD installer - possibly due to too small a virtual HDD - was a bit of a pain. May even go wild with something else, who knows?!

Recorded the third episode of the Oddly Compelling Podcast on Sunday, and finished editing and uploading it tonight. It's about the cinema-going experience this time around.

Here it is.

You won't like it!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I remember now!

Or at least I will, because I now have a shiny new 32MB microSD card in my Galaxy Note phone. At some point I'll hook it up to my OpenSuSE machine and transfer some files across onto it (mainly some music - links will come below).

The Ports of Amsterdam


Ecce Homo Pietoso

Monday, 7 April 2014

Cards, despatch, podcast and security consciousness

Cards - well, I ordered myself a MicroSD card (and a more versatile USB card reader than I currently have) from eBay, and I've had the notifications that they've been despatched.

Let's hope that this card doesn't decide to suddenly claim it is corrupted in my Samsung Galaxy Note, eh?

Podcast - quick link to Episode 01 - you won't like it, but I'll link to it anyway.

Security consciousness - intrigued to find an OpenBSD derivative in FuguIta, and intend to try it out in a VM when it's downloaded. And going to try OpenBSD itself with something like IceWM to see how it fares on some aged hardware, as I know I can pick up another laptop for around fifty quid...

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Phones, certificates, tedium, frustration and confusion

So, I rang EE with the intention of cancelling my mobile contract... and ended up staying for another 12 months because they offered me a good deal.

Then I received a second SMS, which gave a higher price than I'd agreed, which confused me.

So... I went onto the website and my browser told me that the SSL certificate didn't match so I couldn't (and wouldn't!) log into my account to check.

I'll need to watch my bank account to make sure I'm not being swizzled a bit here.

The next moan tonight is Ant & Dec's "Saturday Night Takeaway". What a tedious programme! I really can't see how anyone finds this particularly entertaining, goodness knows that Noel Edmonds flogged this kind of format into submission years ago, and seeing this stuff just causes deja vu overload.

Got some guitar and sleight of hand in stuff today, though, which is a bonus! Other than that some general housekeeping chores, got some beer in for the evening and sorted out some G+ circles so I have less chaff in my feed. YES!

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Dragged the Ubuntu netbook out today - given that U1 is to be ditched there seems little point in sticking with Ubuntu (I found U1 a handy place to dump files that I wanted to access less frequently than those on Google Drive), so will shortly cast around for a decent netbook-friendly OS.

I've never got on particularly well with the KDE netbook interface, so may go for an LXDE or similar i/f.

Actually I have LXDE on here - perhaps I should just go the whole hog and switch to Lubuntu!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Podcast (again)

I'm delighted to say that Episode 01 of Oddly Compelling was recorded on Sunday (it's Tuesday today), and this week I'll be editing and uploading it.

Topic this time around was UFO's, and whether there is life out there, and if it's ever been here to Earth.

Of course, no conclusion was reached.

Please take a listen to Episode 00 in the meantime!