Tuesday, 6 June 2017

My new approach

I've decided to adopt a new (well, not really - just a stronger) approach to my life.

Yep, I am being stoic.

There's a fuller definition here.

Basically, in best Marcus Aurelius style (great book, by the way), I am accepting that I can't choose my situation, but I can choose my response to it, in order to ensure that I obtain the best outcome I can to move me towards my goal.


Well, I read the Louis Zamperini book, "Don't Give Up, Don't Give In", and realised that he was basically describing a stoic approach to life.

I liked the approach.

So far, and bear in mind I am only a couple of weeks in, I have felt calmer - I've had a couple of moments where people have frustrated me but - you know what? - I identified that was happening, and chose instead to just think to myself "You know what? What does it matter? I will move on to doing what I want to", and felt all the better for it.

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