Monday, 25 February 2013

Just done!

Managed to crack a few things today. Started a new project: Task Done on Sourceforge, which I envisage as a pretty versatile to-do list/workflow management tool.

Now, if I start writing some code this week I reckon I can have something moving ahead within a week. Take that as a public commitment!

Been doing some additional reading and podcast listening, too, mainly around philosophy and suchlike. I never realised I was so interested in metaphysics and epistemology! Or that I actually understood so much, and was so sympathetic to the continental school!

Thursday, 21 February 2013


Oops, simply not taken the time to update here, nor in fact to do very much at all.

Managed to find some time to go to the 1st Shropshire Rebellion web conference in Shrewsbury earlier tonight - very interesting, but to be honest I must have had my cynical head on because although I heard about user-centric design I found myself worrying about user acceptance testing and accessibility testing, without really getting the sense that they were really feasible within 6 week code sprints.

Also listened to FLOSS weekly today - very impressed at the sound of Zotonic!

Sunday, 17 February 2013


Sorry for the two posts - for some inexplicable reason I left my last epistle in draft.

So, failed to start on my latest projects, haven't updated my to-do list, and generally haven't done a lot.

Not strictly true, actually - more updates this week!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

A little local difficulty

Right... mucho frustration as Code Academy managed to have some technical difficulties which wiped out a load of my progress on the Javascript track. Now rectified, and I've reworked some units and am now at 100%. Phew!

What else? Well, still have a load of stuff to do, cleared out some books, sorted out my bookshelves with some luvverly new philosophy texts, sorted out a load of CD's to sell, thrown away a bunch of tat and so much more.

Probably upset people on a G+ Ubuntu thread by suggesting Salix as an install on an "old Dell laptop", too. But hey, what could be finer?! Only thing better might be a dual-boot with AntiX (which I love dearly, a really nice environment to work in). If it has to be 'buntu, then Lubuntu would be my choice.

And yesterday was my birthday. What could be better? A large glass of Californian red (Merlot) beckons tonight...

Monday, 11 February 2013

Media stardom beckons

Well, maybe.

Amazed today when listening to Skepticule ep#39 when my feedback on a previous episode was discussed. Well, if what they said was for real I'm more than happy to try and set something up to go on the show to discuss stuff.

Other than that, the usual progress on JavaScript, a couple of job rejections (ho hum) and a desperate need to find some time to contact people who know people and so forth.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

It's all about time

Rapid update tonight, as I'm squeezing this in between other stuff, as usual.

Done a tiny bit on Code Academy, not managed to set up my new AntiX / Lubuntu with software yet, I think I'll need to sit down and write out what I want on there. Also whacked in a quick job application (copy and paste, I'm afraid, but pressed for time so hey ho) and made quite a nice spicy tea.

Need to update my notebook (as in old fashioned pen and paper job, not as in laptop computer) to reflect what I've done, and check my (again pen and paper) to-do list.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Choosing the right filesystem


Yes, I've just had to perform multiple reinstalls, because in its infinite wisdom the first go at sticking Lubuntu on top of a working AntiX system failed to recognise that I'd used ext2 for speed, and so ate up the whole disk.

Cue a reinstall of AntiX first, then Lubuntu (which then insisted on using the WHOLE empty space...) and then back into AntiX to use GParted to resize, and Robert is your mother's brother!

What else?

Oh yeah, work is as tedious as ever, I still have a to-do list that is far too long that I should stick in taskwarrior anyway, and it's nearly the weekend.

Finished Julian Baggini's "Philosophy: all that matters" and found it OK, although I think he seriously misses some points on basic logic and syllogisms (but that could just be me) - check it out, it's only a fiver on Kindle. As long as you don't expect too much analysis of some pretty powerful stuff - for example, more on Hegel and Kant would have been nice, but there I'm showing my bias!

Oh, and check out Phizzer's blog OK?!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Task lists

Updating my to-do list today, I've managed to tick a few items off.

First up, I've typed up and printed off a couple of letters which have been kicking around for over a week - probably more like two so that's good. I still have one more to do, which I'm going to start as soon as I've posted this blog entry.

I've also updated the desktop background on this laptop (my 17" one) with a nice silhouette-y picture of a crow I took today. Not sure I like the monochromatic nature, though, so I need to download a photo editor to have a play with the colour filters to make the sky bluer, I reckon.

I also need to promote my Cafepress shop again, in the hope of selling some more stuff. I'll do that with a tweet.

Dropped an email with regards to my healthcare project, which I am strangely hoping has actually taken on a life without me in a way - but who knows I may still have a role to play in it!

Did some more Javascript units at Code Academy.

Disappointed at how long some people take to respond to emails, but I guess that's just the nature of the beast - as I think I've already said I've got some wacky ideas for TV series' and a short film, so I still have my fingers crossed!

Also listened to a fantastic Partially Examined Life podcast about Marx - really interesting, although a bit of a slog at 2 hours long! But worth it, definitely worth it. If you haven't checked PEL out yet, then you should!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Writer's block? Pffft, I flex at your so-called "writer's block"!

Note for those interested - for a change I'm typing this on my netbook, and sorting my emails at the same time.

Today has been a keyboard-torturing day, thrashing out an outline for a TV series involving music, "the man in the street", rock stars and loud guitars. I need to now hawk this idea, and another one involving talking about random subjects to some production companies in the vague hope that someone will pay me some money for them.

Also finished the outline treatment of my mystery/horror story, and checked out some further lessons on objects in Javascript on Code Academy.

Got annoyed when someone on G+ didn't know the difference between Java and Javascript, and assumed that Java vulnerabilities also affected Javascript by default, then realised just how geeky I was being and calmed down.

Realised I now actually have to do some programming and build some kind of a web interface, as well as write a couple of business plans.

Was dismayed to find I'd managed to delete some html and code files I thought I had saved in Bluefish, but hey ho, grabbed the code from my website instead. I really should bung it in my Google code repository instead, or Sourceforge.

Tweeted a link to my Cafepress shop with some suitable hashtags in the hope of getting some more sales through there.

Just got to update my notebook now with a short few words about what I've done today.