Saturday, 30 March 2013

Moving away from Ubuntu?

I'm becoming more and more ambivalent towards Ubuntu. I've switched partially onto Lubuntu but today have installed CentOS and openSuSE into VMs to try them out.

Not sure why I'm just not feeling it with Ubuntu, but it just seems to be a bit less clear where it's headed at the moment, at least to me. Hence choosing the LXDE spin instead. Might stick with the super-nice Antix for my experimental fix.

Well, openSuSE is nice... a little slow to start with the KDE desktop, but partially I guess this is down to being in a VM. I've always like KDE - ever since I first tried SuSE and Mandrake back about 10 years ago, although I do feel that it needs serious time invested in setting it up just so.

In the case of CentOS I initially made the mistake of choosing a minimal install. Oops! Went back and chose a desktop setting, and was a bit, if I'm honest disappointed to find a Gnome setup. Not my cup of tea, I'm afraid!

I'll keep trying them out and see whether to switch full time. I'm leaning towards CentOS but with something like KDE on top, but might go for openSuSE as I am really impressed with how nicely put together it is.

I'll let you know when I've chosen, and how it's all worked out in terms of migration.

Oh, and added a whole new bunch of IRC channels to get involved in!

Friday, 29 March 2013

We have lift off

Right, a slightly fuller post this time around.

So - had an interesting excursion yesterday, met someone in the pub who has some interesting contacts around healthcare, so hoping that I/we can start to move epimetric on a bit. Possibly basing this around Talend studio will do the job.

Done some research on Loqualia, and I think a decent CMS will do the job. I'm currently leaning towards Zotonic, but might go with a PHP (CakePHP for example) or Perl-based one instead. More thinking required.

Also did some planning for taskdone, which I'm thinking of switching from javascript to Dart for no other reason than I can. Not decided yet, I'll have to spend a few solid hours just coding and getting it sketched up before finally committing to one language or another.

And finally, done some guitar stuff, including watching a couple of incredible Mattias Eklundh videos.

Monday, 25 March 2013

The perfect face for radio

Delighted to say that I joined the Skepticule podcast last night. Slightly dodgy sound on my CLI Skype recorder, but hopefully something of my rather brilliant Sneck Lifter and Hobgoblin-fuelled ramblings.

Today I've been doing some more thinking about Loqualia, and healthcare reporting, and project management tools... so I know what I'll be trying to find time to do this Bank Holiday weekend!

Also caught up on a whole load of podcasts thanks to a delayed train today, and some reading (Sean Carroll's "From Eternity to Here")... but totally worn out tonight.

Great stuff. Let's hope I can make things happen this weekend!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Local news for local people

Kicked off an interesting little project this week, enabling people to raise local issues, discuss them and generally get involved in making their world that little bit better.

Quite excited about this, so have started planning and getting people on board.

It's not completely new, but I hope can synthesise a few ideas into something that adds value to lives and brings change for the better.

Keep an eye out for it!


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Work, and how much I hate it

A title that I'm sure everyone can empathise with.

For the past few weeks I've gradually come to the conclusion that the place where I'm stuck now is doing me no good at all. The undermining, dare I say bullying behaviour of some is seriously, seriously getting me down.

So, I've resolved to do something about it.

I've kept records of everything, just in case.

Sadly I've not got a level move to another area, but I still have a couple more applications in. I just hope that something comes up from one of them.

Really, though, I need a completely new scene, a new employer and a new outlook on work, because the place where I am now is positively stultifying, if that isn't a contradiction in terms. I'm sure you know what I mean, anyway.

If anyone can offer me a job, please do!

Friday, 15 March 2013

That's logistics!

Right, very quick update with definitely no linking today.

A bit of a mish-mash day, where I successfully managed to fail to dial into a telecon at the first three attempts, installed a webcam and Skype on my desktop machine, sent a couple of emails and texts and wrote a new to-do list.

And as if that wasn't enough I've also managed to squeeze in a quick look through a guitar magazine, polishing and dusting a bit, doing a load of washing (second one to do next), have my dinner and decided to push ahead on only a couple of fronts rather than about eight hundred.


Oh yeah, I have also decided to start the CodeAcademy PHP track for something to do in the intervening ten minutes. And I'll probably start moving away from Ubuntu, but don't know yet what to. Maybe Antix, Salix or netBSD.

It would be great if I could finish something for once, though.

Sunday, 10 March 2013



Right, finished "The Philosopher and the Wolf" by Mark Rowlands - excellent.

Pushed along with Kensington Gore's diary - very funny.

Struggled with a risk assessment, especially as Ubuntu One is failing to connect at the mo'. Grr. Will have to switch back to desktop machine to finish that one off.

Done some pointless typing. Will do more later.

Started a job application, will crack on with that tonight.

Plans in hand to make my life better. Much better.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Decisions, decisions

Got some stuff to do. Need to look into:


Was going to do this tonight but lacking time. Ah well.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Keep it short, stupid

Short update. Asked for a transfer at work today - reasons many, varied and difficult to describe without undue emotion.

Got a copy of a cool book on epistemology, which I should start reading soon. In fact I used to own a copy many, many years ago, but now have no or little idea where it is.

What else? Not a lot, really. More in due course.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Active and productive?!

A fairly productive couple of days this weekend. Resolved to start up some learning on Talend and the School of Data, whilst also managing to bang in a quick job application, and start uploading some files to my new SourceForge project, TaskDone, which is pretty sketchy but is partly a learning experience for me, partly a task/project manager. If it works, great, if not who cares?

I've also been invited onto Skepticule's podcast, which I hope to do in a couple of weeks' time. I do need to set up Skype, and indeed even purchase a headset so that I can do this, but it should be fun and maybe open up some more possibilities for me!

What else? Oh yeah, have walked a few miles with the dog, very pleasant, and submitted some entries for the lubuntu wallpaper contest for 13.04, which I encourage anyone who happens upon them to vote for! You should be able to guess that mine are the "Stuz719" ones. Sadly I forgot to set the names to anything meaningful, but at least I got it done!

More soon, I'm sure.