Thursday, 30 May 2013


Fine evening this evening, presenting a short video to Shropshire Linux User Group (SLUG), made with Kazam, Openshot and Audacity.

You can search for those packages easily enough ;-)

What else? Nothing exciting.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Short round-up


First, everyone should watch Star Trek Continues, which is great fun.

Second, everyone should visit The Merchant of Magic, buy loads of stuff and learn.

Third, check out Guitar Noize for some really great stuff.

Apart from that I've been reading more of From Eternity to Here by Sean Carroll, which is fantastic.

I've now got to come up with something to talk about to SLUG on Thursday - I'll have to try and do that over the next couple of days, but should be able to rustle something up. The website says I'll talk about screen grabbing, so I may as well :-)

Oh, and next weekend I have a visit planned to Barcamp Birmingham, and then that's swiftly followed by Philosophy in Pubs.

Still really enjoying Manjaro, going to try netBSD and FreeBSD too! I did try FreeBSD years ago and really liked it - wonder if I'll feel the same 10 years later?


Monday, 20 May 2013

Like Amy Johnson said.... "CONTACT!"

Yep, made contact with chakra to discuss their installer, really good chat with them on IRC.

Made a couple of additional approaches to Talend, hoping we can work something out here.

Started new job - cool.

What else? Dunno.

That will do for now, I reckon.

BTW - Amy Johnson.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Several updates

Right, here we go for a whistle-stop tour of events.

I've installed Chakra and Manjaro in VM's under Kubuntu on my desktop machine, and so far my thoughts are ...

1) I LOVE KDE as a desktop.
2) The installers need serious work, particularly the Chakra one - what, I have to choose partitions and use a partitioning tool to set up my home directory, even on a clean install on a blank VM disk? Where are the defaults? This is going to be a major obstacle to widespread adoption IMHO.
3) The Chakra packages/bundles system is a very neat idea - and there could be scope for, for example, corporate customisation of easy provisioning across functions (maybe using The Foreman or similar?)
4) Manjaro is very quick and slick.

I need to drop the good people at Talend an email tonight to move things on there with regards to my long-standing healthcare planning/provisioning project.

I've got some stuff from the Merchant of Magic which I need to work with a practice - very good for focussing the mind.

Put some plants in the greenhouse - hoping for some tomatoes and habaneros in a few weeks.

Jet-washed the patio. That was dull in the extreme, but had to be done, and cut the lawns front and back, which was also a trial of mental endurance.

Other than that I've been very much enjoying watching the Angry Video Game Nerd (strong language!) which I find really funny.

The Skepticule episode on which I appear is now out, although I've not yet listened.


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Excitement (largely) unbridled

OK - enjoying Eurovision semi-final #2. Latvia are.... yes.

Seriously disappointed that openMandriva went with... openMandriva as the name of the new distro. Still better than "FuSE", though, IMHO.

Still got to try out Manjaro and Chakra distros, but that should come this weekend.

Next week I start a new job back in project management/governance. Excellent.

Er, other than that just ticking over.


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Good book

Just a very quick update to tell you that this "From Eternity To Here" by Sean Carroll is a jolly interesting book, which covers what time is and so forth.

Very, very good reading from a metaphysics and physics point of view, IMHO, and full of relevance for anyone with an interest in something like cosmology and stuff.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Strange days

Strange days. Definitely.

Not sure whether I am happy or not. It's hard to actually describe how I feel.

Am I upset? No.

Am I angry? No.

Am I sad? No.

I'm in one of those... "not sure" frames.

There probably is a word for it. But I don't know it yet.