Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Mobile update... PCBSD

Yes.. PCBSD is STILL installing in a VM... dunno why it is taking so long. Ah well more tomorrow.

Chakra... not for me. Salix updated... nice but not for me I think.

Liking Manjaro but XFCE is not for me I think. Prefer LXDE in the lightweight stakes, or maybe fluxbox or openbox. KDE is awesome but heavy on resources so maybe installed on my next (PCBSD) machine as a backup as probably won't have a monster spec as I simply don't need it.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Not quite a code ninja, but..

So, finished the PHP track on www.codeacademy.com, which is cool - skimmed through some of it so my coding probably wasn't all that neat but hey ho it's another track completed, and I think I get the hang of basic stuff.

What else?

Oh yeah, PCBSD in SLOOOOOOW to install in a VM - had to suspend and will go back tomorrow to complete. Admittedly I chose an XFCE install with loads of optional unsupported WM's like Enlightenment, so we'll see how that goes.

Started planning a blog, and a podcast, and tidied up a load of CD's and books.

Need to find somewhere to sell the books next!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Variations on a theme

Watched the Linux Action Show's review of PC BSD last night, and have to say that it looks more impressive than I remember it.

Similarly CentOS...

As a desktop I think that PC BSD looks more likely, so going to try that out in a VM pretty soon.

Watched some more AVGN stuff, and found the movie-making talk pretty inspirational. Great stuff.

Had some good guitar practice in, as well, which is cool.

More anon.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Awesome X


Got both awesome and fluxbox installed via the magic of pkgin in my NetBSD and had some fun with vi - well, if you can call it fun - editing config files to switch between the two.

Next I need to find a decent login manager (lightdm?) and get it starting up X automatically...

If I'd thought ahead I may have used a 32bit version instead of 64 to allow me to base my future installations on any machine by copying across the vdi, but hey ho I didn't plan that far ahead.

One thing I dislike about fluxbox - you have to seriously edit the menus...

Next stop, choosing software to install and play with. I think I'll try and keep it fairly light, but I am afraid Firefox is a given as I have so much plumbed into my sync!

Ubuntu One client, some sort of text editor (Kate?) and maybe a nice IDE just for jolly.

I'll have a think about it, anyway.

Just had a weird urge to try JoliOS, too...

Monday, 17 June 2013

The joy of X

After a few rather stalled attempts I now have a sort of working VM of NetBSD, thanks to both the rather good (for the most part) documentation and the help of this blog.

Other than that I've decide to try the awesome window manager, and we'll see how that goes.

I've also thrown some Manjaro versions onto VM's, too, both the Openbox and XFCE (which tbh I've never really liked before) just for jolly. Had another play with antiX, and although I like it I don't think it's my long-term solution, NetBSD looks likelier, or Manjaro).

What else? Oh yeah, thanks to some super-rapid customer service from Strings Direct I've changed strings on my RG2550Z and AS103 - and before you ask I did put 10's on the latter and 9's on the former - Legacy brand (their own) which are excellent value and I think pretty long-lasting.

Had some success at ploughing through my to-do list - hopefully more tonight.

Read more of Sean Carroll, and added more to my Amazon wishlist.

Found cheap recon laptops - could be useful. Ask me for a link if you're interested.

Booked up on some talks and stuff, which should be fun. Also had quite a bit of dealings with SLUG, which is cool. And some other stuff, too.

Next update will hopefully be sooner than this one was.


Monday, 10 June 2013

Just another update


So I've started playing with FreeBSD in a VM, NetBSD will be next, I think.

I'm still looking to switch OS, and have so far narrowed (!) my choices as follows:

openSuSE - nice, but... just not for me
Chakra - nice, but not sure...
Manjaro - I like this, especially the KDE spin. But I also like LXDE so that could be an option
Lubuntu - I like this one - really quick and smooth
Kubuntu - I have this on the desktop machine and really like it
FreeBSD - just need to play with it and try it out with LXDE and KDE
Ubuntu - hmmm... dunno
Mint - awful IMHO. Just not for me
Fuduntu - was an option until the FuSE with Consort (!) decision
Debian - maybe...
antiX - I like this one, but maybe too much effort to kick off the config.
Fedora - no.
openMandriva - I had high hopes, I hope they can bring it back
Mageia - didn't really excite me
Gentoo - digital masochism
Toorox - nice, maybe better in German ;-)
Slackware - nice!
Salix - as nice as Slackware!
netBSD - need to play with it more
Ubuntu - just not quite there for me at the mo', much as I think it is just so reliable (despite what some detractors may say). I find it pretty solid, and Unity works fine for me

So overall maybe onto Manjaro as 1st choice, with Kubuntu 2nd and Lubuntu 3rd and FreeBSD 4th.

Maybe I'll run Kubuntu with the others in VMs as now, or hang them off VMs on a server...!

What else? Oh yeah, done some reading and stuff but nothing startling worth particularly thrashing the keys about at this stage, I think.

See you next time.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Circuit breakers and circuit fixers

Met up with a guy called Gary yesterday, who has very kindly offered to fix the FX pedal I was rather ham-fistedly attempting to build, and correct my wayward soldering. Hopefully he can do it...

In other news - it's Philosophy in Pubs tonight ("Is there a soul and if so where is it?"), basically about consciousness and identity, I reckon. Parallelism FTW!

What else? Oh yeah, still got to pump on with Talend for Epimetric, and tinker with some PHP as I work through the track on CodeAcademy.

Had a chat with Chris and hopefully we can get a podcast going as well - should be fun! Here's hoping, anyway, as we have to work out the parameters we'd be working within. As well as getting Loqualia started!

Also got some magic stuff to work through and masses of podcasts. If only there were more hours in the day!