Sunday, 28 April 2013

Distro fun

Been doing some experimentation to see about a switch of main distro. Here are my findings. If I could be bothered I'd link stuff, but I'm sure you can search yourself.

Lubuntu - that's what I'm working on here, 13.04 to be precise (or raring!). Quick and clean, I like it. But not likely to be my longterm choice

Kubuntu 12.04 - main desktop, I like KDE again, it appears to have speeded up. Ubuntu variation gives a solid base but I am worried about some of the longterm direction.

openSUSE - nice, but a bit slow and large. May as well use Kubuntu, in a way

Fuduntu - No. Not now. Hate Gnome 2, anyway. Unconvinced about choice of Consort for FuSE, too

AntiX - nice, but support may be a bit variable as a bit niche. Also haven't got the will to endlessly edit config files, although I do recognise that this is the best way to get it right for YOU

Toorox - I like the idea, but the installer fails in a VM so I need to be persuaded

Gentoo - digital masochism

CentOS - really nice, but possibly not as an everyday desktop distro

Kali - would convince me more if the installer had worked in a VM. May try again, but not sure I have the enthusiasm for another lengthy installation session only to find a failure

Manjaro -  I like this a lot, going to try the KDE and LXDE variants in VMs. Community are really nice folk, too, plus it rolls and has Arch behind it.

Salix - nice, but didn't excite me

Mageia - not for me, sorry

openMandriva - nothing to see here, move along

BSD - hmm, including PCBSD et al just not doing it for me

Fedora - have you tried that installer?! No.

Ubuntu - I actually don't mind Unity, but as above I worry about where they are headed. They are aiming at consumer devices having not quite, IMHO, made serious inroads into the server market (unlike RedHat ergo CentOS)

In short, once I've tried Manjaro for a bit I'll be in a better position to pick. I'll probably still keep this Lubuntu/AntiX machine, and so forth, but the migration will probably kick off in about a month's time. Unless I change my mind. Again.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Two screens.

Evening all.

Spent two hours in an IRC chat re: FuSE - the new incarnation of Fuduntu. A bit disappointed, personally, that Consort got the nod over KDE/Klyde as the DE, but happy that it's going to be evaluated so this is up to users.

Also had a quick look at funding for Loqualia and sent some ideas off to the man who needs to know ;-)

Subscribed to Linux Pro magazine, and generally had a cracking little evening with laptop in front of me and TV in the background.

Shame the OpenMandriva is so quiet on IRC and what have you, though. I will need to drop them an email to get involved as it's showing some promise and I want to get in there.

What else? Oh yeah, tried toorox in a VM and the installation process was horrible - I need to give them some feedback on this. Didn't seem to work at all, which was a pain as I was really looking forward to trying it out.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013



I'm a bit torn. I like Ubuntu, but prefer Kubuntu. Yeah, I know the nay-sayers try and liken KDE to Windows, but they're just IMHO missing the point. KDE has so much power it's untrue!

I like the idea of Arch, I like the idea of Funduntu, but... well, Fuduntu is hitting EOL (Gnome2?! Seriously?!) and Arch is...

CentOS is cool. Gentoo is digital masochism.

I'm loving my Kubuntu desktop (Lubuntu on one laptop, which I like) which is sort of leading me to openSUSE, which I've been playing with in a VM.

But now OpenMandriva is here... Exciting thought to be an early adopter!

I'll get a new HDD for the desktop, bung it in (moving the Windows 7 one to an external caddy) and maybe dual-boot openSUSE and OpenMandriva. Or just pick one.

Why is it so hard to choose?!

In other news, have prepared a screencast for SLUG next week. Cool!

Thursday, 11 April 2013


OK, I may link in this, I may not. I'll see if I can remember what I'm doing.

Installed taskwarrior on my desktop machine, 'cos I like it. Similarly installed zotonic for the same reason, and started playing with that. I really need to plan what I'm doing with this Loqualia thing to get it going, but I reckon it's not rocket science.

Spoke to someone about Biobus for the UK yesterday - not sure if they'll have the time to do, but let's hope.

Tried out Kazam screen recorder for my short film what I've decided to make - "5 websites you've probably never visited but should".

What else? Can't think, quite frankly, so this will have to do.

Hopefully I'll also finish "The thoughts of Marcus Aurelius" in the next couple of days, too.

Still loving KDE, by the way!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Keeping talking

A bit of a quiet week on the old blogging front, but back here with a new post tonight. Written on Chromium under Lubuntu, by the way.

Right, first up I posted something on the Zotonic developer's group to try and kick off the Loqualia project. I think this sounds like a nice scalable CMS platform, let's see what, if anything happens from there.

What else? Oh yeah, done a bit of guitar playing, which has been fun, although seriously cheesed off with gdigi stopping working (both 0.2 and 0.4) under Ubuntu 12.04 for some reason. Ah well, just have to put up with that for now, but I'll try it with openSUSE when I switch to that fully. Already getting some practice in with Kubuntu - really cheesed off when I found that the widget view persisted from one activity to another. GRRRRR!

Also made some nice contact with Biobus, and hopefully I can help that start up in the UK later in the year if I can find the time. In the meantime, find out about it!

Also committed to making a short video for SLUG, so been playing with the old digital camera (which shoots mov files) and casting around for a video editor to work under KDE. Shouldn't be a problem, just need to shoot some content over the next few days.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Had an interview today - seemed to go OK, but no doubt it will have been a disaster. Ah well, we shall see.

Built a whole new to-do list. If I'd had my laptop with me I'd have done it in Taskwarrior, but I didn't so I didn't. Managed to clear a few items this evening (updating this blog is one), but more to do before settling into a routine.

Decided to go with openSUSE on my desktop - probably on a new HDD, when I can find one at a decent price, and provided that my PSU will provide the juice. If not then the 1GB drive with Win7 on it will just have to go in a caddy and be USB pluggable to make room instead.

To be honest I can't remember really when I last booted into Win7 - I think it was to scan something because I couldn't remember how to do it in Ubuntu. Less of a problem if you stop scanning stuff!

As far as Ubuntu goes I'll also start moving over to Lubuntu, I think, as I'm getting more interested in zippiness than the fancy-dan stuff of Unity. I'll keep an AntiX installation going on my old Vista laptop, though, as I really like that.

I'll need to plan it all out properly, though, and use those USB sticks I have lying around to make sure I have PLENTY of backups...

Oh, and I'll start the Codeacademy PHP track before the week's out, too.

Monday, 1 April 2013