Sunday, 28 July 2013

Device not partition

Successful install AT LAST of Kali, after finally realising I needed to address the drive, not the partition - sdb, not sdb1.

Also successfully got persistence and XFCE (because I don't like Gnome particularly, personally) set up - looking forward to trying a few things out with this little set up! And because I used the 32bit image, it will be portable between devices!

Also started setting up a plan for guitar effects, planned out some new music for recording, failed to get Loqualia set up as a YouTube channel - just a bit of a disaster zone that attempt, had to end up deleting the Google account for some bizarre reason, but DID manage to set up:

GhostlightTV - The YouTube channel that blows the lid on the paranormal, hauntings and spooky goings-on.

So, next comes the content!

I still need to get a Podbean account set up to start podcasting, but need to script a few episodes first.

Cleared a load of recorded TV last night, and podcasts, so am finally getting to a stable base to move forward from!

Monday, 22 July 2013

So much going on

Had a great Loqualia planning call, thanks to Google Hangouts on Friday, and am setting up accounts on the back of it.

Tried out a few new distros - frustrated by the lack of a BSD-based easy-install distro, but... decision is to switch to Manjaro next time around, with low spec machines on either AntiX, Lubuntu or NetBSD with XFCE/fluxbox. So there.

What else?

Errr... it will come to me.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Work continues apace on the upcoming psychodrama-horror...!

Multimedia multitude


So I have MAME and MESS runnning under lubuntu. Great. I'm trying AGAIN to install PCBSD in a VM to test. I'm still quite liking the idea of a really small footprint NetBSD/Openbox/LXDE system, if I can procure another cheap laptop.

But the big news, barring something remarkable happening:

Loqualia launches this weekend - with YouTube channel, G+ account and blogspot site for feedback and discussion.

Three other channels will also launch:

CryptidTV - a YouTube channel, blog and G+ devoted to cryptozoology from a realistic standpoint.

LGSATV - a YouTube channel, blog and G+ devoted to UFOs and everything extra-terrestrial, with objectivity the watchword.

OcculTV - The hidden, mysterious and supernatural through YouTube, blog and G+ media.

All will be launched by the end of July, with any content submissions welcome, and merchandise available to support them.


Monday, 8 July 2013

Emulator highs and lows

So, here am I on my lubuntu 13.04 laptop, with a rather neat GFCE Ultra NES emulator working, but with MESS steadfastly refusing to find ROM files, despite my best Leafpad editing of the ini file. Grrr!

I had hoped to get this working tonight, but evidently it was not to be.

On a more positive note, if I can get all my machines onto 64 bits it is looking increasingly likely that I'll make a switch to Manjaro with XFCE (rather than KDE) as my main desktop installation, although I do like lubuntu a lot, because it is clean and quick.

Had some fun playing with AntiX yesterday, too, but I think that this 32bit machine will be just for that - playing with, whilst the heavy lifting will be with 64 bits. Although I am really enjoying using the machine for just getting stuff done right now!

Also made a few inroads into film making, and have a meeting on Wednesday about that. More in due course.

And Loqualia is coming along nicely, as is an idea I have for guitar effects pedals.

Hopefully I can make a million in the next 12 months, eh?! ;-)