Monday, 27 January 2014

PCBSD reinstall

Managed to break X a bit with a KDE/language botch... my fault entirely, so reinstalled.

So, a few minutes on a reinstall and away we go.

Niw I just need to resync Firefox and I am good to go!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Get your digital watches in synchronisation

Yep, and if you know the song that comes from - well done!

So, last night (or was it Friday?) saw the clean installation of FreeBSD 10.0 on the Thinkpad. Took no time at all, although the X server authorisation error on startx is annoying (although apparently not uncommon), and trying to remember how to re-enable the powerdown option in XFCE is a battle.

What else? Oh yeah, got the wallpaper set, a couple of applications on there - not sure why they don't have icons properly - and struggled because I was convinced for a while that Konsole was called Kate - D'oh!

All working now!

The PCBSD machine goes on, too - although I've not worked out how to add English (UK) as a language, and the keyboard layout is wrong, but I can fix that later.

Firefox is now synchronised across all devices, too! YES!

And yesterday I borrowed a Westbury Standard guitar - wow, the DiMarzio PAF and SD in there have some serious grunt! It shall be mine, oh yes...

Next up - I need to write about 18 documents to outline some ideas I have for videos, television series, applications, films, bogs, podcasts, C64 demos and music. Oh, and a makerspace, too! And I have two weeks to write an essay about cosmology.

If only I had the self-discipline to just do it.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Working hours

Well, a good deal of discussion has led to a number of decisions, mainly around working patterns and how viable different ways of working and locations would work.

Delighted to say that things are looking really positive.

Oh, and for information tonight I'm writing this on my OpenSUSE machine - the weekend promises a FreeBSD install on the Thinkpad, as the upgrade from 9.2 to 10.0 managed to fall apart a bit.

Not sure what went wrong, but X went a bit wonky (it was temperamental anyway), and so I'll have to shuffle some files around - probably using a live Linux distro and then go for it.

As an aside last weekend I threw all my Linux live DVD's away... but luckily one with Manjaro and Ubuntu 13.04 on it managed to survive by hiding in the drive of the machine which is now running PCBSD on a nice 120Gb HDD!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Podcast plans

I've been looking into starting up a podcast with Chris.

We've done some test recordings on Skype (not tried Google hangouts yet), and I think we can make it work, certainly we've not struggled to generate a solid hour of stuff before editing, and even with some edits I reckon we can get a good 45 minutes a fortnight.

Now, I don't know if anyone out there actually reads this blog (do you?), would you be interested in listening to a podcast?

Thus far our test recordings have covered: UFO's, space, conspiracy theories, cryptozoology, ghosts, the paranormal and stuff like that.

I've got a hosting package lined up, all we need is a solid name and our first recording (slated for early February) will be good to go before Spring for all you wonderful people who (may be) out there.

Let me know if you'd be interested!

Oh, and in the fullness of time we'd like to boost our YouTube channel (GhostlightTV), too!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Loose ends

Not a lot going on here.

Ordered a 2nd hand HDD for my newly inherited laptop, which is looking increasingly likely to be PCBSD-based, although I am tempted to set it up as a Lubuntu-based music-making "thing".

A bit of guitar strumming already fitted in tonight - nothing spectacular, just some scales and stuff - and if I can I'll try and fit a bit of card handling and shuffling in, too.

What else? Oh yeah, clear some telly, I think.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

I come to your emotional rescue...

Oh what fun, finding that whatever I tried with my wife's ageing and increasingly flaky Vista laptop it refused to open a Samba share across a network. I lost count of how many reboots later I finally decided it was screwdriver time.

Yep, out came the mini screwdrivers, and out came the HDD, into a caddy, stuck into USB and a whole bunch (20K+, something like 60GB) of photographs, which were of course largely not stored anywhere else... backup, where art thou?, were copied over to my desktop machine (well, the little-used 1TB drive I have for my Win7 boot) in just over an hour.

The laptop still works, but is now sans HDD as I don't have a SATA spare lying around, so it looks like an eBay order will be going in later, along with one for a new keyboard as one of the cursor keys (the left one) is kaput, which is not a major problem but a nuisance.

I tried PCBSD from a USB, and it seemed to start OK, before falling over because there was no hard drive, so that will be probably be OS of choice here, although I was a bit confused/unconvinced about the wifi scanning as it didn't seem to offer up my network. Ah well, maybe that is something to fix later.

Just as a double-check I ran manjaro off a DVD, too, so that was all good.

Other than that, a bit of guitar practice, some shuffling practice (still on the overhand), a bit of light reading with some Kensington Gore - highly recommended - and away we go ready for a few bottles (Ringwood Old Thumper and Bad King John from Ridgeway) this evening!

Monday, 6 January 2014

A day of mixed fortune

Had an interview - went well, to a point, mainly that point being that the job wasn't really playing to my strengths, so possibly not the best fit. Ah well. Other irons in the fire and all that...

PCBSD didn't want to work from a USB stick on an old 64bit laptop. I suspect it is the USB key that wasn't formatted right, so not overly fussed, I can fix that next time.

FreeBSD dependency problems are bugging me on the Thinkpad - it still works, and is rock solid, but it bugs me so I might back up my files this weekend and reinstall and rebuild. Depends if I have the will, ha!ha!

OpenSUSE on this laptop continues to be delightful. I know some people find KDE a bit slow and bloaty, but my word is it ever flexible!

Fired off a couple of emails around the place about some projects, too - let's see what happens there. I have more ideas to follow, too.

Had a good knees-up on Saturday, which meant I could catch up with someone about some other stuff we have going on - hopefully, hopefully this year we will have more to show for it! Watch this space...

Friday, 3 January 2014

pkg install cleanup and make

A whole bunch of compiles and updates in an attempt to get libreoffice working on FreeBSD again.

And why is there no 32bit PCBSD 9.2?! AAAAAGGGGHHHH!