Saturday, 7 June 2014

Long time coming

Sorry about the gap between updates.

I could say I've been too busy, but that would only be about half the story!

Finally got the editing done on the Oddly Compelling podcast - the new episode is about wrestling - and got that uploaded. Check it out!

What else?

Oh yeah, found some additional healthcare data sources, but need to do some more documentation fairly soon.

Back on the podcasting front I have an idea to bring in a single-theme feed, which I need to plan out a bit better - watch this space!

On the FreeBSD Thinkpad tonight - crikey, it's good, although slim seems awfully slow to start. If I can get LXQt then I'll try that out as a replacement for XFCE which I'm on at present.

The desktop machine is running Kubuntu 14.04 nicely - the upgrade went pretty smoothly, apart from pausing for user confirmation a couple of times which as I was attempting an unattended upgrade did slow things down a bit. The Netbook is on vanilla 14.04 with Unity (still don't like the KDE Netbook interface, sorry...!)

Played a bit of guitar today, too - really enjoyable!