Monday, 7 July 2014

How time flies

Has it really been a month? Why, yes, it has.

So main activities have been reading Nietzsche (OK), thinking about Camus and the myth of Sisyphus (inspirational), tinkering with laptops (keyboards are a pain to replace, I've learnt that) and general stuff like that.

I've got some cosmology reading to do, too, which bizarrely I'm looking forward to.

I've got some software-y type things to do - again around the healthcare material primarily, which is moving forward albeit slower than I may wish.

Loqualia plans progress, too - all offers of help to build a forum/news site gratefully received.

Listened to some CD's I've dug out - I'd forgotten (almost) how good the KLF are/were.

Oh yeah, GhostBSD has failed to install in VirtualBox, which is annoying, but I'll try again.

And finally, check out the podcast: here.