Sunday, 19 March 2017

A lot done, more to do

Ok, in no particular order

1) Guitar practise is coming along nicely. I am playing most days and have just acquired a new "Bluerock" single cut electric (see pic), which I cleaned up a bit and stuck some D'Addario's one.

You know what? For a cheapie it's really not bad.

2) Coding is coming along. Tinkered with some Javascript to build a webpage/web app, and have got some maps integration goodness coming in there. I need to do more with Java, so I've been playing with Umbrello to generate some UML and classes ready for a couple of new projects.

3) Big data - I'm quite into the idea of doing some number-crunching, so have started working through the Neo4j tutorial. I had a go at the certification "cold", so to speak, and got just over 50% which I didn't think was bad.

4) Magic - got some overhand work going on, which is slowly getting smoother and more reliable. Also been working with an invisible deck, which is cool.

5) Not done any writing - grrr. I do have it on my to-do list.

6) Library. Updated my library card as it was years since last I used it, and this will tie in with #5, and some stuff I need to look at on ancestry. This latter bit is really still at an early stage, though, so no more on that for now.

7) Loqualia - I have a google sites thing going on, will probably move to Wordpress when I've chatted with a couple of people about generating some content.

8) Band - "Roller Boogie". Well, I like that name. Got a lot to do here, too.

9) Wrestling - been to a couple of shows, got one booked up in June which features Tyler Bate, so that should be something special. Pic attached of the show last night in Dawley.


That's it for now, I think!